We recently got back from our Pakistan trip where we spent a month of godsend pure relaxation. Zarmand is from Karachi and every time we visit we are spoiled rotten with delicious food and incredible hospitality. Of course, our trip wouldn’t have been the same without all the amazing people I met who showed me that you haven’t lived on the edge until you come to Karachi. This time around we got a chance to visit Islamabad and Lahore, two beautiful cities, one embedded in greenery and the other oozing with culture and art. I had an amazing time getting to know Pakistan and discovering a mystical side to this controversial country that always makes the headlines for all the wrong reasons.
 Travelling with a two month old was a challenge but it was definitely manageable. To our surprise Zaphora was incredibly patient during the 14 hour flight from Toronto to Karachi and throughout all the travelling nationwide. Not only did she cope with the change of time zone better than us, she also kept up with our hectic itinerary and late night excursions. With that said, impromptu diaper changes, overexposed feedings and vomit bonanza were all part of the fun of travelling with a newborn.
Now back in Toronto we are getting ready to pack our things and move into our new home by the end of the month. It is bittersweet to leave our old home as it was the place where our lives changed forever and I tend to feel quite melancholic towards events and places that bring these types of memories. As busy as we are, it is kind of relaxing to getting rid of things and move on, purging the old and making space for newer and better things.
Thanks for reading!