Wow, this month is just flying by! Haven’t even had time to take down the Halloween decorations in my house, which says a lot considering the eager beaver in me would normally start putting up the Christmas tree by now to welcome the Holiday season that is upon us.
But as much as I’d like to daydream about pretty fairy lights and festive candles, all I can think about is my surgery next Tuesday. **If you’re wondering why I’m undergoing surgery, check one of my older posts a few weeks back.** Sometimes I feel like I’ll dominate the surgery like a champ and other days I can’t bear to think of the scarring that I’ll be left with on my stomach. Regardless, it must be done and to prepare myself mentally for my very first surgery ever all I can really do is give myself a little more love.
Love has many shapes and forms but in my boudoir, love is all about consciousness and self- acceptance. Every time I sit in front of this mirror I am aware of my flaws and my attributes, my strengths and my weaknesses. I simply choose to shine light on my strengths and attributes. The time I spend here is so much more than just about “looking pretty” its about getting in touch with your inner beauty and being ok with the things you cannot change.
Thanks for reading