Christmas is by far my favourite Holiday and this year it is extra especial as we celebrate with a new member of the family! I grew up loving the Holiday spirit from celebrating at my grandma’s house and seeing her transform her home into a magical Christmas kingdom. My mom had a tough act to follow but she certainly didn’t disappoint…so it’s no wonder that I would keep the tradition alive in my family year after year. 

For me, putting up the Christmas tree and decorating the house is always as exciting as the final reveal. Rather than keeping a cohesive festive look, I try to mix it up. I love bright and colourful decor, slightly mismatched and awesomely unique. I draw inspiration from Christmas stores and try to recreate a similar whimsical feel at home. Here is a look at some of our decorations for the the end you see me laying back enjoying a cup of coffee as I marvel at the final display. 

Hope everyone enjoys their Holidays this year!