With Christmas 2 days away and people running around the city with shopping bags and rolls of wrapping paper, I can’t help but think about gifts…gifts and more gifts! The Holidays are such a great time to gather with family and shower them with presents, but somewhere along the self-less gift-shopping journey you find yourself wanting EVERYTHING! Am I right here? Wish lists are the perfect way to trick your brain (and your husband) into thinking you have great composure when it comes to shopping and you don’t give in easily to impulse purchases. But the heart wants what the heart wants and sooner than later you get your way.*wink*
My wish list this year includes some investment pieces that are versatile and I see living in my closet for a very long time.There is a good mix between things that I would use/wear at home and things I would normally wear outside. I am a big “home” person so I love buying chic and comfortable pieces that I can wear on a night- in and also accent pieces that add a touch of glamour to my home.
I’m always stalking other people’s wish lists and I would love to know – what’s in your wish list this year?!
Happy Holidays!