It is 2015 and fashion lovers everywhere are scouting for the latest fashion trends this year. I know I am, and this year the hottest looks are right up my ally. Pyjamas are about to get a lot more popular…yep you heard right.. the pyjama inspired look will hit the streets soon with brands and designers coming out with more relaxed and laid back styles.
 Looking into summer, we’ll be seeing lots of lightweight fabrics with colourful prints. Whether it is elegant slouchy silk pants or comfy cotton fabrics, there is nothing high maintenance about this trend, it is simple and homely-chic.
You can rock this no- fuss look with a button front top and dress it up with a dressing gown jacket for the evening. For a more casual look you can pair your light cotton printed pants with a basic black top and a jacket. The key is to keep it simple with minimal accessories.
 If you find this trend a little too intimidating, you’re not alone. It is definitely a style that takes some warming up to. In another post I’ll be showing you my take on this bold trend.
What do you think of this look? Do you see yourself wearing it? Let me know in the comments below!