With the New Year come new challenges and in the beauty department this is no exception! We all know beauty is a lot more than just makeup and the copious amounts of product we keep under our sink cabinet. Beauty radiates from within, it is an age-less, makeup-less, all encompassing sense of well- being that shines brightest when we treat our bodies with love and care. Here is a list of what I want to keep doing more this year.
1. Eating More Fruits And Vegetables: I can’t believe this is even on the list, but I put it first for a reason: Lately I just haven’t been eating enough fruits and vegetables! My trusty apples used to keep the doctor away but now even them apples get no love. Somewhere in between the nappy changes and my beloved coffee, I have forgotten about this food group all together. This year I want to experience the rainbow of produce that is out there and make trips to the farmer’s market every weekend if I can. Green smoothies I’m coming for you!
2.Hair Care: I recently got highlights in my hair and although I’m loving this lighter look, I’m well aware of the damage caused by all the chemicals. In the past I never invested on expensive hair products because truthfully I didn’t think they were worth it. But I have finally come to terms with the fact that my hair could look a lot healthier if I invest on one or two quality products. I shall find those products and channel my inner Pantene moments.
3. Flossing: This is not the most glamorous of beauty goals, but it must be done. My flossing has definitely improved over the last year but It’s still not a daily habit. This year I want flossing to be as seamless as brushing my hair; quick, painless and always glamorous. *Insert smile with sparking tooth*
4. Hand Cream: Whenever I get nervous I tend to pick on my cuticles. This is a bad habit I’m still working on, but I find that when I use hand cream I’m less likely to mess with my nails. Nothing makes me happier than smooth hands and freshly painted nails! Keeping this up will be a challenge but I’m ready to kick this yucky habit to the curb!
 5.Sunscreen: Everybody knows to put sunscreen on but how many of us actually do it?! There is nothing really complicated about it.. if we are able to take the time to blend in a smokey eye look or contour our face, then applying sunscreen really shouldn’t be a big deal. I find that the more we are reminded to protect our skin, the better chance we’ll end up using it. Maybe a little sticky note on my mirror as a reminder might do the trick.
 What are some of your beauty goal for 2015?