Lately I’ve been wanting to try out different looks just for fun. I’ve been experimenting more with fashion and trying things that I normally wouldn’t buy like these light wash, high-waisted jeans, crochet crop top and jacket combo from Forever 21. Part of it is my attempt to step away from my mom uniform that I comfortably fall back to every time, but mostly just want to have fun with clothes before I have to wear my winter jacket and literally never take it off! Forever 21 has been the place where I have found pieces that are super cute and affordable. I never really used to shop there because I found their stores kinda crowded but I discovered their online shop and it’s great for a quick splurge on trendy pieces without breaking the bank. Over the years I have always played it safe with my denim choices. I usually just going for the dark wash, low- rise, skinny fit look because I feel like it’s what looks best for my body type. Growing up I had the hardest time finding jeans that looked good because I was tall and had the skinniest legs ever! I guess all teenagers go through some sort of fashion crisis at some point but I remember feeling lanky and totally uncool in my Levis bell bottoms.. fun times! My hope for this blog is to try out as many different styles and fall in love with something I never even thought I would like.. like these or these.

Perhaps my favourite thing about this outfit is the denim jacket. I have already worn it so much, literally everyday. Jean jackets are so versatile and they look good with everything!  They work perfectly for this kind of in between weather and love that it instantly gives you a put together look. You will probably see me wearing this jacket in the days to come. That’s if the weather keeps being this amazing.

Hope you’re having a great Sunday!