Fall is officially here! At 10:21 the Autumn equinox will mark the beginning of fall so with this post I bid farewell to our glorious summer days. These past few days have been scorchers and I’ve been shamelessly squeezing in some white outfits. Of course, wearing white with kids has become somewhat of a sport, you know your outfit is gonna take a hit at some point and you just gotta take it. There is just no way you’re NOT gonna get stepped on or barfed on with a toddler and a baby and I’ve just learned to be ok with that. Having a jacket handy or a shawl helps to hide some of those stains and is really handy for that chill in the air as the sun sets. I started the blog just as we’re getting ready to transition into fall but there are so many great memories from summer that I want to remember forever. Here are 10 things that I’m going to miss from summer 2016:

  1.  Watching Zaphie and Zasha play together for the first time. They have such a sweet sister bond and it has been such a treat to watch! 
  2. Our walks to Sugar Beach and Sherbourne Commons park.
  3. Late nights with Z eating ice cream from the tub and watching our favourite shows. (Recently got hooked to Stranger Things, so soo good!)
  4. Our morning tennis matches, basketball games and pool side fun.
  5. So many great times hanging out with friends at home. So many good laughs!
  6. Watching the Olympics with Zaphie and seeing her excitement. ( She called it the “people’s games” and we’d let her fall asleep on the couch while watching.
  7. Our evening walks by the Waterfront. We have been experimenting with a new bedtime routine where we take the girls out for a walk in their stroller. They pass out for the night. INSTANTLY!
  8. Our ping pong tournaments and my burning desire to kick Z’s butt!
  9. Our slow mornings at home, brewing our beloved pot of coffee, playing music and enjoying the little things.
  10. Our first summer as a family of 4. It has been everything I ever dreamed it could be. So grateful for my family!

Hope you guys had a fantastic summer and here is to a great Fall and Winter season!