You know when Monday comes around and you have no idea what you spend your weekend doing. Thats exactly how I feel. On Saturday I remember feeling like it was Monday and my dates and timings were completely off. I couldn’t understand why all the restaurants downtown were jam-packed and we couldn’t even get a table. Seriously… sometimes I don’t even understand how I function.

Needless to say I’ve been needing a little ‘ME” time and got to do a facial this morning right before my shower. I’ve been doing this scrub for a while and it’s my favourite one because it leaves your skin feeling suuuper smooth and hydrated. I love the combination of the coffee grounds and sugar because it gives the best scrubbing consistency, not too abrasive but thick enough to feel it scrubbing away dead skin and other impurities. The yogurt, lemon and banana give this scrub the moisture and brightening balance leaving your skin feeling healthy and glowy. I usually make a big bowl and use whatever is left in the shower as a body scrub. I even made Z try it this morning because I told him he wouldn’t believe how soft it would make his skin feel. And because he is a great sport he tried it.. and loved it. haha.

Here is what you will need (I usually ballpark the measurements):

-Half a banana

-Half a lemon

-2 table spoons of finely ground coffee

-2 table spoons of white sugar

-1/2 cup of plain greek yogurt.

Apply to skin in gentle, circular motion. Let dry and wash off.

And thats it! Hope you guys get to try because it’s so good!