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Few places have captured my heart the way Tulum has and I’m not just saying that! Guys, this place is pure magic. I would literally walk around saying “gosh this place is so beautiful..” like every 5 minutes. We have been to about a handful of places in the Caribbean and this has been my favourite up to now. We stayed at Nomade, the coolest hotel with an earthy bohemian vibe that I was totally digging. Our room was literally in the middle of a jungle and the only way we could get to it at night time was by following the torches they had along the way. On our first day we just hung out and explored the hotel before having lunch by the ocean. It was such a incredible experience getting to eat beach side in the cutest little bohemian foot- in- the- sand type set up. Zaphie chilled on a hanging swing/bench while we waited for our food and we could tell she was definitely having a moment observing her surroundings, just enjoying herself so much.

After putting the girls to sleep that night Z and I were both pretty tired from the road trip (we rented a car and drove from Cancun). One of the hotel agents from our resort in Cancun told us we had to see the sky at night time in Tulum because it was just incredible. Right as we were about to fall asleep we suddenly remember what that guy had said about checking out the sky. We got so excited just thinking about it and quickly got dressed, each carried a baby, (they were fast asleep) and made our way to the beach in pitch darkness! I’m soo glad we remembered because what we saw was breathtaking! The sky was lit up with thousands of thousands of stars and planets and we could see every spec in the sky so crystal clear. We placed the girls on one of the beach beds and they continued to sleep peacefully while Z and I each sat on huge bean bags right in front of the ocean. It was such a perfect night!

The next day we had breakfast, rode bikes with the babes and visited the cute shops in the area. The girls were happy to experience all the novelty going on around them. They were pretty good travellers overall. Not gonna lie, before this trip I was worried about how limiting traveling with kids can be and thought we would have to skip a lot of the fun stuff, specially in a place that is not exactly “kid friendly”. But I was pleasantly surprised to know that we can bring them along for the ride and that as long as we are together we will have fun no matter what. Sure, with a meltdown here or there and a few impromptu diaper changes but I’ll take it all to be with my babies. As we were leaving I told Z that if places could describe people, that this little gem of a place had my name written all over it. I definitely recommend it to everyone!!

Stay tuned for pictures from our stay in Cancun for my sister’s bachelorette getaway coming soon!

Thanks for reading and happy Thursday!