1i7a7922 1i7a7805 1i7a7741 1i7a7802 1i7a7744 1i7a7793 1i7a7737 1i7a7745 1i7a7740 1i7a7750 Long gone are the days when you couldn’t wear joggers without looking like a gym junkie on the run. Now, its actually ok and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Zaphie and Zasha started day care about a week ago which means early school runs are now part of our everyday routine. Between getting them ready, having breakfast on the table and bundling up for the cold in layers of layers, I am left with no time to myself to pick out a cute outfit. I’m lucky if I get to eat breakfast! These past few days more than ever I have been relying on my tights and joggers and work around them to create looks that are quick, simple and stylish. Here are some tips to keep in mind for rocking the athleisure trend: Mix Function and Fashion:  When you mix tights and joggers with season trends and pieces that are current you can elevate your basic look. Bomber jackets are super popular right now and can give any outfit some serious street cred. Sneakers are all the rage and are the obvious pairing for a sporty look, just make sure they are on the clean side. Colour blocking is also a big trend right now! All About Accessories:  A somewhat formal bag, a structured leather jacket, a shirt tied around the waist and even a cap are also ways you can accessorize for a sleek sporty look. Start out with neutrals:  Start with black, white and grey, these colours are much easier to work with. I personally try to stay away from tights that have prints because I find they are harder to wear. These joggers from H&M are a mix between sweat pants and formal trousers…They could easily be taken from day to night by adding a black top, black ankle boots, and a textured black overcoat. A lot of brands are coming up with formal dressy pieces that could also pass for your everyday sweats.. it all depends on how you wear them!  

 | Bomber Jacket: FOREVER 21 | Pants : H&M | Top : H&M |