One of the perks of being from South America is going back home for the Holidays during the peak of summer. (Insert raising hands emoji!). As much as I love Toronto, there is nothing like soaking up some much needed vitamin D during the winter months. So when Swim Systems and Sunset Separates reached out to me for a collaboration, the timing to work on my tan couldn’t have been more perfect!

I have always been super picky when it comes to swim wear. I’m perfectly happy to shop for clothes, nightwear, even bras and underwear, but I’ve never been crazy about bikinis for some reason. I  grew up thinking that I didn’t look great in them and felt really lanky, awkward and overexposed. This changed after having Zaphora and now after having Zasha I can’t believe I spent so much time worrying about the way I looked. I can’t pin point what it was about having babies that made me more confident. Eventually, I just stopped worrying about my appearance and what others thought of me. I have stretch marks and scars on my belly from my two surgeries (non -pregnancy related).. but I’ve learned to love those imperfections because they are me. And truthfully, there are so many other things to worry about!

Don’t get me wrong, there are days that I feel anything but pretty or confident. There are also parts of my body that I pick on and tell myself I could look better if I dedicated more time at the gym. On the days when I overthink too much I give myself a boost by looking as best as I can. I make the effort to do my makeup, hair and put on my best pair of shoes. The whole getting ready process helps me zap the negativity and helps me see some things about myself that I appreciate. Like the way my hair smells, for example. In general I tend to be cautious when it comes to talking about body image because it can be a sensitive topic that I know we don’t all see eye to eye on. But if I could tell anything to my 20 year-old self it would be this: Relax, your body is your best friend and when you love it and understand it, it loves you right back. After all, our bodies do a remarkable job at keeping us alive! Our only job is to be kind to ourselves (the same way we are with other people) and feed our bodies the right foods to keep us nourished and in good health.

With that said, It definitely helps to be in the right bikini. Swim Systems and Sunsets Separates has so many cute pieces in sooo many different prints and styles! As soon as I opened the bag to try this navy two piece, I was so impressed by the quality. SO soft and well made. I am in love with the Skipper Bandeau in navy blue, this style has been a favourite of mine since my early tanning days. No straps = the perfect tan! I do love the look with the straps as well so I like having the option to put them on. I was worried the bottoms would be too small but was surprised by how it kept everything in place. Lol. I think when you have kids a one piece is ideal, just to be safe. But if you’re lucky enough to find a two piece that makes you feel great and keeps everything in place.. then rock it!


What are some of the things you do (or think) to make you feel more confident? Would love to know!

Have a great weekend everyone!