We have been cooped up in the house the last couple of days recovering from colds and sniffles. I don’t usually get sick that often, I would say maybe once or twice a year max, but this year so far I’ve had two colds.. back to back! Jeez, so ready for warmer days! We took these outfit shots a little while ago when the weather was nicer aaand before I dyed my hair back to my natural colour.  Z and I had a dinner that night and so I brought out the heels to jazz up my outfit. Dressing for the winter season can be fun when it comes to layering with scarves and knits but I also love a slick casual look. Moto jackets are so in right now and I’ve been loving this suede one in brown. I am a big fan of turtle necks (as geeky as that sounds lol) and just realized how many I have in my closet. Too many!! I swear, I just need to be covered all the way to the neck because I hate the feeling of being cold. You’d think I’d be used to it by now living in Canada for 10 years.. nope. Gladly this jacket adds an edgy look to this turtleneck and pretty much any outfit. I scored these pants at H&M during one of their Christmas sales and they have become my new favourite “mom pants”. As in-  pants that I can do everything that moms do without wanting to run home to take them off. Haha, do you know that feeling? This is why my only kind of pants are pyjama pants. Luckily these are so stretchy and comfy and great for dressing up or down for a laid back look.

Hope you guys are having a great week! And who’s excited for Valentines day?!  I foresee a lot of chocolate in my future and a trip to Dollarama to buy supplies for our Valentines day cards!!



Jacket: FOREVER 21  | Sweater : FOREVER 21 (similar in camel) | Heels: FOREVER 21 | Pants : H&M (similar in black) |Hand bag : GUCCI