It has been freezing in Toronto the last couple of days. 8 out of 10 times I forget my gloves and hat when I go out and by the time I come home I am so tempted to go straight into the sauna in our building. Spring if you are there, come out come out wherever you are! Not gonna lie, I went a little cray at the beginning of the month and started shopping spring outfits for me and the girls. And well, I quickly realized that winter ain’t going nowhere just yet. Soo, I decided to take the cold weather in stride and rock my faux fur coat.

Z gave me this coat when we first moved to Toronto. I remember we were in a parking lot late one night and he brought out this huge bag from the back seat. I saw the coat and thought ‘gee, this is a strange gift’ haha and then kept it in my closet for the longest time and never wore it.  Fast forward 6 years and now it’s one of my favourite winter pieces. Just goes to show how our styles and preferences evolve over time and sometimes we just have to hang on to something long enough for us to love it. Learned this the hard way after donating clothes that I wish I had kept, oh well. Now I think twice about getting rid of stuff, especially vintage pieces, coats and jackets.

On our way to shoot this outfit I realized I never asked Z where he bought this jacket from. So I asked him and he said he saw it on the Shopping Channel one night and bought it because he thought I would like it. Placed the call and everything. He is the cutest!

JEANS: FOREVER 21 | TEE : FOREVER 21 (sold out) Similar here | DENIM JACKET: FOREVER 21 ( I added the fur from another jacket)

| BOOTS: ZARA (Similar here) | COAT: (old) REGAL FAUX FURS

BAG: GUCCI| HAT: H&M (Similar here)