You know when you see balloons it’s the start of Spring and all things UP. Who has seen that movie?! It could easily be my favourite animated movie. I cried like a baby! This Spring and summer I want to explore more places in our City and go on family outings to cool places and restaurants. Lately I’ve been loving getting to visit new coffee shops with Z. We go on mini day dates in between work and it’s the best! We usually talk about the kids and instantly start missing them. We also talk about our plans to travel with the girls and all the places we would love to visit before they start school. We are off to Mexico City next month to celebrate my sister’s wedding and have plans for another trip in the summer. Eeek! Im so excited! I did quite a bit of travelling throughout my school years. I’ve been to a handful of countries in South America and about 4 islands in the Caribbean. When I was 15 my family and I took a road trip across the East Coast from Orlando, Florida, all the way up to NYC. A couple of  years later we did a similar trip through the West Coast. I’ve been to Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and the UK. And of course, to Pakistan (twice), where Z was born.

My favourite place in the whole wide world is Italy. I’ve been to about 5 cities and fell head over heels in love with their art and culture. My grandfather from my mom’s side is Italian so I could be a little biased. When Z and I started talking about getting married back in 2006 we always said that Italy would be the place we’d go for our honeymoon. Fun fact is that by the time we had our wedding in Peru I was 3 months pregnant with Zaphora and my severe nausea changed ALL our plans. I ended up spending my wedding night in hospital, hooked up to an IV. All the moving, dancing and excitement didn’t agree with baby and I ended up puking my brains out. We all laughed because how crazy is it to see a bride throwing up at her own wedding. I didn’t look pregnant either so some people were definitely confused haha. Just wanna throw it out there that Z and I got married at City Hall here in Toronto eight months prior to our second wedding in Peru. We decided to do a religious wedding so my family could attend. Anyway, I told you all that just to go back to my point that our honeymoon never happened and I am keeping my fingers crossed that maybe, just maybe we’ll get to have it soon! Two babies later. ;)

What is your favourite country to visit, or what country are you dying to go to?!

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