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I have always loved working out and doing sports in general and these days I’m getting back at it. My husband is also into fitness and he is killing it right now with his workouts. Seeing how fit he is motivates me to get my butt in the gym! There is a gym in our building which makes working out easy and convenient. There is also a tennis court and an indoor mini basketball court. Come spring and summer we love shooting hoops and calling friends over to play. One of my goals for the summer is to look and feel stronger and to build muscle. I’ve started training with weights again and have considered taking a pre- workout to get a boost of energy. But to be honest pre-workouts kind of scare me –  I just keep thinking it’s going to drive me into beast mode and make all my veins pop out. Clearly I haven’t read enough about it.. but when Skinny Coffee send us their coffee to try out, the first thing I thought of was.. maybe this can be like my pre-workout!!

It’s no secret that coffee, any coffee, is my absolute survival juice. I need it and want it and I sound all kinds of crazy when I say this. But my days just don’t function without it. At first I was skeptical to try Skinny Coffee because I’m not looking to loose weight. If anything I want to build muscle and by default GAIN weight. I researched the product and concluded that because it is organic coffee, mixed with natural fat burning and energy boosting properties – that it would be perfect as my go- to energy booster. On days when I know I’m going to be more active I make the effort to eat more, so I’ll have 3 eggs instead of 2 and I fill up on carbs. One of the downsides of drinking coffee, (at least for me) is that it takes away my hunger. Sometimes I go through a busy day without realizing that I need to stop and fuel my body with real food, even if I’m not hungry.

Sorry to disappoint anyone looking for a weight loss review. There is no weight loss story to report. I sincerely believe that losing weight is no easy task and it requires a lot of work, starting with a good diet. While I think drinking this coffee could help along with exercise and diet.. I’m not an expert and can only talk about my experience – Which for now consists of a tasty cup of coffee followed by super intense workouts at the gym.

Thanks to Skinny Coffee for collaborating on this post