Just wanted to share some news with you guys that I am officially back to work! Last week I joined the marketing team of a Downtown Law Firm. I don’t really like saying I went “back to work” because ever since having Zaphora I’ve been working from home and also because I consider being a Mom a full-time job! It took me a while to decide if I’d be going back to the office or not because I wanted to do something I enjoyed. This position is a really good fit for where I am in my life and I’m excited to work on some great projects. I’m thankful that I will be working flexible hours because it gives me time to fulfill personal projects and our family business as well. My boss would like me to come on board full time and it would be great in terms of money but deep down my priorities are driven by the things closest to my heart. To be honest, I never knew the importance of TIME as much as I do now. I always grew up hearing, “time is money” but I never really made the connection until my time started being the most valuable thing I had. Money can come and go but you will never get back your time!

On one hand, personal development and building a career is important to me not just for personal growth but because I think your kids learn to be driven when they see you work hard. On the other hand, when I’m 70 and look back at my life I want to be able to say that I enjoyed doing the things that mattered most to me and made me happy. Like spending time with my family and friends, or with my husband playing a mean game of pool. Ok I lie, my game is not that strong.. but I still enjoy playing it in the weekends with him.

On that note, my apologies for being so MIA on my blog and social media. These life changes as big or small as they can be always seem to shake things up and it takes me a while to get my groove back. To feel like things are under control.. ya know what I mean? Although that funny word “under control” always has me scratching my head. I feel like I would be so judged if I said that a lot of the times I don’t feel in control of many things.. and just leave it up to God or the Universe.

Anyway, better go before I start to ramble about the Universe haha, and that’s another whole essay. Just wanted to let you guys in on the news :) and also if you were wondering why I’ve been MIA on Instagram- like with no pictures to post.

Lots of love!