How has it been 4 months already since I last updated my blog?! Since starting my job back in May I literally blinked and now we’re almost at the end of summer! I can’t tell you all the times that I’ve said I would sit my butt down to write – pop in, say hi, but well.. it just didn’t happen.I hate making excuses so I ain’t got none, except maybe a little story about our summer up to now.

 Looking back it started in the best way possible with my little sister getting married and having our whole family reunited in Mexico for a week. She had a beautiful wedding and was hands down the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen! Then it was back to Toronto to face some unexpected challenges. Shortly after we came back from our trip Zarmand started feeling pain around his chest and jaw area which we didn’t think much of at first, but after talking to his Dad who recognized the symptoms he went straight to emergency. To make a long story short they ran a bunch of tests and after a few days in hospital doctors diagnosed him with a heart complication called myocarditis. He had suffered a minor heart attack due to stress/inflammation on his heart. 

Not gonna lie, it’s been a tough few weeks since then trying to keep some normalcy around the house. My priority was to take care of Z and of course the girls and to make sure the house didn’t fall apart while keeping my job at the firm. Having to step in and take over a lot of Z’s responsibilities made me realize how much he does for us. Thank goodness that after lots of bedrest and his heart meds he is now feeling better and slowly getting his energy back. We’ve made some changes to our diet and have been trying to stick to mostly plant based foods. I would love for us to one day eliminate animal protein but gosh its hard to go cold turkey. I made it my goal to learn as many plant based recipes as I could and would spent my days off in the kitchen meal planning for the week. Cooking became my therapy and it would take my mind off things when life seemed hard. 

Like my Dad says, sometimes you just gotta let time make things better and I just had to take some time off from blogging and social media to deal with life’s unexpected turns. He is doing much better now and we are excited for whats to come! I am excited to slowly get back and update more regularly on my blog as well. Here are a few pics from our trip to Mexico! I will do a separate post with pictures from my sisters wedding.

Thank you to everyone who messaged me and showed their support during this time. It really meant a lot.

Love you guys,