My second trimester bump looks almost non-existent here which makes me think this two piece has some crazy slimming powers. I mean, I know I have a small bump- but it’s not that small! Some serious optical illusion is at play here with the white stripes and the wrap around skirt. This cute outfit is from Romwe. I have mentioned this brand before, they sell inexpensive fashion and truly have a big selection of trendy pieces that are hard to resist.

We shot this outfit a few days ago and I felt like little Miss Sunshine while eating my ice cream. I haven’t exactly felt like ‘Miss Sunshine’ for most of my first trimester. The way I describe how I feel during the first weeks of pregnancy is like this – imagine you are sea-sick in the middle of the ocean and there is no way of getting out. Add fatigue and a dose of unruly hormones to the mix and you have a recipe for Little Miss Vomitose/Drama Queen. That was me. But along with the leaves turning into their pretty warm hues, this pregnancy is turning a page to my absolute favourite chapter – the part where you can finally tune into your senses and admire the beauty of the journey.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!