Oct 29, 2017


I don’t own a lot of maternity clothes. With my two previous pregnancies I kept it to a minimum and eventually ended up donating anything that didn’t fit anymore. For better or worse, I feel like with every pregnancy I’ve started from scratch- and it’s different every time. New apps to follow, new prenatal pills, new cravings, new style :)

As much as I like the idea of changing things up I’m also conscious of how expensive maternity clothes can be. And lets be honest, spending a lot of money on clothes that will only fit for a few months is not my thing. I took to Pinterest for inspiration on dressing my bump and soon the ideas started flowing. I dug up my closet for cardigans, all things seamless, flow-y and with a classic silhouette. Re- organizing my closet with a belly friendly wardrobe has made my mornings SO much easier and truly has made all the difference. 

I’m no fashion guru but lets just say that maternity clothes aren’t exactly the most fashionable. A lot of what is out there is pretty simple and dare I say – boring. My idea of pregnancy style isn’t to wear the typical preggo clothes sold at every maternity store. I think pregnancy style really becomes fun when you start incorporating your own beloved pieces that scream “YOU” and mixing them here and there with maternity staples. So far this pregnancy I have been loving:

  • Black dresses in different cuts – especially with an unzipped black leather jacket.
  • Maxi dresses – I love accentuating them at the waist with a belt for a sleeker silhouette that fits my form, bonus if they have a sexy slit;)
  • Cute crop tops – Its all about the belly and I’m showing it off at home all the time. For going out I wear them on top of body-con dresses. 
  • Off-the shoulder shirts (love this one from Shein)/ off- the shoulder sweaters with maternity jeans.

If I could recommend only 1 piece of clothing to invest in to any mom’s to be – it would be maternity jeans!! Boyfriend style jeans are especially heaven-sent because they are nice and loose. I would recommend going a size up. Something about putting on a pair of jeans (as opposed to maternity tights or sweats) makes me feel like I made a little more effort into getting ready. I go as far as wanting to accessorize and do my hair and makeup! which lets face it – is the hardest thing to do when you have kids.  

I think dressing baby bump requires trying a little harder – re-organizing your wardrobe, finding your staples (and dealing with a few wardrobe malfunctions here and there) but it doesn’t have to be tough. There will be days when getting ready means getting into your mom uniform and thats totally fine. But on the days when we feel like changing things up – having fun with clothes and feeling confident is really all that matters.

Shirt: Shein| Jeans: Top Shop (sold out) similar here | Flats