Ever since watching ‘What The Health’ on Netflix I have been on a mission to switch to a plant based diet. I started learning new recipes over the summer and we’ve slowly been adapting our palate to the rainbow of colours and yummy flavours of vegan food. We’re not 100% vegan by any means but I have to say we have come a long way from our meat eating days in University. I’m
talking about steak and mash potatoes for dinner on the regular – Z’s specialty. To be fair, my husband is Pakistani and I’m Peruvian and our love for food, especially our local food just forms part of who we are. Luckily those dishes are way too complicated for me to cook on a daily basis. Whenever we go back home we indulge here and there but here at home we keep it simple. Tasty, healthy and easy. And that was my birthday dinner for Z.

I made a side of tabbouleh (his fav), a simple butternut squash salad and lasagna. It was my first time making this particular lasagna, originally a vegan recipe that I totally butchered by adding cheese. But really, I don’t think I’m ready to give up cheese just yet. Totally using the pregnancy card for this one! But who knows maybe down the road that could change. I think for anyone wanting to eliminate certain foods and make healthier choices it all comes down to the importance you place on nourishing your body from inside out. That’s how it started for me and now I’m getting my family in on all the wholesome goodness.

Z turned a year older and wiser and with his birthday we officially kicked off birthday season in our family! Excited to celebrate everyones birthday although for some reason never my own. Who else feels this way? 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ Although, I’ll never say no to a cozy dinner with my love. I get so nostalgic when I look back at all the birthday dinners we’ve had over the years. That’s 11 Birthdays together! I love this guy to pieces!

Also, If you’re wondering why there is a bunch of leafs in our glasses, haha. Its mint. Z and I like our water very minty and lemony- its just the best tasting water ever!