Fall in Blush + 10 Things


I love this blush pink scalloped dress by Tobi because it’s got all the things I look for in clothes. It’s comfortable, you can’t go wrong with the colour, and it can be easily layered depending on the season. It’s the kind of piece that can take you from a Summer wedding to Sunday brunch with a few tweaks. Or in my case, I was running errands and had my Midwife appointment that day. The weather was cool but not freezing and I was totally vibing the contrast of my outfit against that gorgeous turquoise wall.

Flash forward a few days and this is what’s been happening lately: 10 THINGS:

1. We went on a mini getaway to Collingwood yesterday. We had dinner at the hotel, took pictures for a gender reveal post which I’ll have up soon, and just had the best day with my crew. I was 14 when I visited Collingwood for the first time and since then I feel like every time we go I’m either pregnant or with a brand new baby. 

2. Zasha is turning 2 this Sunday and I’m feeling all the feels. Also probably doesn’t help that I’m pregnant and totally hormonal. When I change her diaper I get flashbacks of how tiny she was when she was born. So bittersweet to celebrate my girl this weekend!

3. My sweet sister in-law bought us tickets to see a play and it was amazing. Have you guys seen The Curious Tale of the Dog in the Night? Loved it, the stage set up was amazing!

4. I posted a picture of my belly on Instagram a few days ago and I know it doesn’t look that big but believe me, when I look in the mirror it looks huge! I’m really feeling my belly skin tightening up.. like REALLY stretching. Haven’t spotted any stretch marks yet but I feel like they might be coming this time.

5. Peru made it to the World Cup and this is HUGE news for us! I mean- they officially turned their victory day against New Zealand into a National Holiday. It’s been 35 years since they played their last World Cup! That’s way before I was born!! It’s going to be epic seeing them play in Russia next summer.

6. Pregnancy cravings at the moment: Baby tomatoes with avocado, freshly squeezed lime juice and a pinch of salt and pepper. This and tequeños which might not sound familiar unless you’re Venezuelan.

7. I’m half way through watching “This is Us” and honestly I haven’t cried this much watching a show, ever. Again, the hormones aren’t probably helping but seriously, how do pregnant woman watch this show?!

8. We planned a super last minute family trip! Our last vacation as a family of four!

9. Love getting Zara packages in the Mail. Their boxes and the way they package things up is the best.

10. Can’t wait to put up our Christmas decor! It would be up by now if it was up to me but I have to ask Z to go get the stuff from our locker room downstairs. Thinking of a nice way to ask him.

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Thank you Tobi for collaborating on this post.

Dress: Tobi (On Sale!)


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