The cutest loungers for babies! The resort was so kid friendly, it was amazing.

A total Moana moment. In LOVE

Ah we love Cancun. It’s our second time there and I can see us coming back for future trips, just to warm our bones and relax by the beach. Of course, when travelling with kids I use the word ‘relax’ a little more loosely. But I guess by now we’ve accepted that our ‘new relaxation’ will come with a bit of chaos and we’re ok with that. :)

The resort we stayed at had a super shallow and kid friendly beach so the girls went in and out of the ocean on their own. This made it really enjoyable for us to lay back and just watch them as they splashed around like little fishys. A little ocean breeze, a couple of swaying palm trees, my family… and I’m in heaven. Like, problems.. what problems? It’s all Zen vibes until we’re sitting on the plane to go home and then I’m going over the million things I have to do when I get back.

As I mentioned in my last post, we booked this trip on a SUPER short notice. We were in Collingwood for the day and in our hotel room, in the total spur of the moment decided to book the red eye flight leaving for Cancun that night. Z and I just looked at each other before finalizing the reservation and went YOLO. We drove back to Toronto that night, packed what I could find in semi-darkness and drove straight to the airport. 

Looking back we’d probably do it all over again. I’ve always been a go with the flow kind of person but since having kids I’ve lost my spontaneity in favour of schedules and planning ahead because they give me the illusion of being a “more prepared mom.” Lets be honest, getting organized is the only way to juggle the million balls we have going up in the air. It’s how we keep our sanity, but I kind of became my grandma in the process. (Actually, my grandma was pretty amazing and loved travelling).

The truth is that I live for these little experiences that remind me that having kids does not and should not end our passion to live freely and adventurously. Every now and then switching off that momager chip and saying “Hey, this is crazy, lets do it…” Is exactly what we need to give ourselves a break and live a little, ya know?. It’s always a win-win when your kids get to have the time of their lives, and you get to live out your rebellious side. ;)

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