My New Year Mindset

Hope everyone is having a great start to the year! 

So far this year has felt like an uphill rollercoaster ride as we wait for baby girl to arrive. I am exactly one week away from my due date and every time I think of how close we are to meeting baby, my heart and soul light up with joy. I feel like every baby that I’ve had has felt like my very first baby in terms of excitement and anticipation and it just never EVER gets old!

We celebrated the New Year exactly how you’d expect a 38 week pregnant woman to do so. Eating ice cream while laying down in bed with my hubby and getting up minutes before the countdown to shoot our poppers, raise our apple juice – filled champagne glasses and seal the year with a kiss. I wanted the girls to experience the sparkle and excitement of New Years so earlier in the day we all got dressed up and had a little dance party with confetti and balloons.

My heels came off after one song and my hair and make up were a hot mess by midnight but I kept my dress on to ring the New Year. I love that I will always associate this dress to our cozy New Years celebration at home with my family. 

This year I’m jumping on the ‘ No Resolutions’ bandwagon  because lets face it, the number of times I’ve sat down to write my goals in a brand new shiny notebook, only to find that same notebook a year later – have just been WAY to many. As much as I believe in the power of writing the goals you want to materialize, I think that without the preliminary mindset to achieve those goals.. anything you write is just kinda pointless. 



This year I want to pay more attention to my thoughts and redirect them as needed in order to achieve the kind of positivity, and enthusiasm I crave for myself and yearn to share with my kids, husband and everyone around me. I know it’s hard to stay positive ALL the time and have an enthusiastic outlook every single day, but we always have a choice to turn around our thoughts whenever we find ourselves unmotivated, irritable, or upset at something that didn’t go our way.

That is why this year I will practice mindfulness and gratitude on a daily basis. I like to start my day by thinking of three things that I’m grateful for. Then immediately after I visualize all my goals and whatever it is that I want to accomplish. I strongly believe that once we have control over our thoughts and emotions, thats when we’re in a position to do more of what we set out to do. Thats when we are unstoppable. Wishing you all an amazing 2018! 

*Thank you Tobi for collaborating on this post

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