With so much going on in our homes during the Holiday season I am determined to get a head start this year. This means two things, LISTS and ORGANIZATION. No more getting stuck with last minute cooking/baking and running around the mall on Christmas Day. I’ve detailed out a complete list of things to do in November to welcome the Holidays stress-free.

{ 1 } Plan Gifts : 

I put my Santa hat on in November to see ‘who wants what’ and then with whom have I shared these wishes. As a mom, I know the desire to create magical experiences that my kids will cherish.  Even if money is tight I promise that with a little creativity and some planning – you can still have the best Christmas ever.

Before you start your Christmas shopping, work out your budget to determine how much you’ll be spending on food, gifts, stocking stuffers, advent calendar gifts etc.

    • Gift idea planners work like a charm. There a few good printables HERE and HERE. Basically, you want to make note of the following:
      • Who it’s for
      • The gift idea
      • Who its’ given by
      • Where to purchase
      • Budget
    • Make a list of all the wrapping supplies you’ll need. (Hopefully you hit the clearance sales after last Christmas so you won’t need to purchase much.)
    • Take the time to wrap a beautiful present. Pinterest will be your best friend for cute gift wrapping ideas. I love this and this. Maybe they’ll be less presents under the tree this year, but when wrapped and decorated beautifully, everything seems more exciting.
    • Wrap everything. I’ll be wrapping stocking stuffers too. Because unwrapping presents is thrilling.
    • Take inventory and hide presents until Christmas Eve. 


Tis’ the season for handmade gifts and crafty fun! I’m no DIY wiz but since having my girls I try to incorporate craft activities into our Winter weekend routine. I’ve seen the benefits of these little activities in their creativity and self esteem. 

    • Beyond working on their coordination and fine motor skills, crafts are amazing because they empower children. They know they’re creating something and they see ways to complete it the whole way through.
    • You can use them as gifts or use them as decor. Or simply add it as part of your Holiday tradition while sipping on hot chocolate. 
    • Pinterest is your source for all things crafts. Look at the list of crafts you want to make then make a list of all the supplies you’ll need to buy. Put them together in one place to find them quickly when you have time to create.                

                Here are some ideas:


Hosting dinner at this time of the year can be immensely stressful as so many things are added to already stretched “to-do” lists. Therefore my two cardinal rules for a successful Holiday dinner party: Plan ahead and keep it simple.

    • Keep a basic menu for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day. A tried and tested menu you mastered a month ago is more do-able when you’re working against the clock.
    • If you’re determined to impress guests with a fancy new dish, give it a test run a few weeks in advance.
    • Spread out the work to avoid getting tired or stressed. Tip: Have three types of dishes: dishes that can be made one to three days ahead, dishes to make on Christmas Day, and prepared foods that can be store bought, such as a pie or cheese.
    • Once you’ve planned your menu write down all the ingredients you need and where you need to go to get them. 
    • Delegate with family members. Ask them to contribute to the meal by bringing deserts, drinks, or side dishes to make it easier for you.
    • Take inventory of dishes and glasses.
    • Make a “Christmas Dinner playlist” with all your favourite Christmas classics to play during the dinner. 

                  Here are some ideas:

Whether you’ve started your Holiday planning or have yet to tackle your Christmas to- do list, I hope you find these tips helpful. I will be posting part 2 of this Holiday Planning guide tomorrow which includes a complete guide to family outfit planning, holiday baking and all you need to know about planning your Holiday cards this year. Stayed tuned!