Not a day goes by that I don’t thank God for my good fortune and everything he’s blessed me with. My gratitude for my family is my fuel. My daily anchor.

Every year we gather around the table with my family to share what it is we are most grateful for. Over the last couple of years, my Thanksgiving speech has covered the usual. I am grateful for family, health, food, shelter and the gift of life.

Today I look for gratitude somewhere else. A place I overlooked out of discomfort, out of fear of being “self-involved’.
Today I look inward and voice gratitude for my strengths and most importantly for my struggles. I am grateful for my downfalls. For the times I was all in and got nothing. For the times I chose to be brave and got my ass kicked. Not your typical Thanksgiving speech, but I am so dang grateful for these experiences that make me a little stronger every day.

Speaking of getting your ass kicked, motherhood tends to do that to us. Big time. When the highlight of my day consists on breaking off the next sibling quarrel or getting my child to the washroom before she has an accident, you know I’ve cried tears of grace. Motherhood has taught me to feel my way through challenges the way no other life experience has.

It has taught me to feel the tough emotions that come with frustration, disappointment, defeat, failure, unmet expectation and to sit with these emotions until they dissipate. Today I look inward to assert my bravery. Giving thanks for my ability to comb through the mess and overcome.

I am grateful for the daily downfalls that continue to shape me as a Mother and creative. As I set out to fulfill new projects and dreams, (this blog included) I am reminded of the work of Brené Brown on Rising Strong:

“If we are brave enough often enough, we will fall. This is the physics of vulnerability. When we commit to showing up and risking falling, we are actually committing to falling. Daring is saying, I know I will eventually fail, but I’m still in. Fortune may favour the bold, but so does failure.”

Don’t forget that every storm that destroys you holds a lesson. Be grateful for every moment in life that pushed you down to your knees, it taught you how to stand. Be grateful for your heartbreaks, for all those times you had to sit in the dark. Choose to build your courage here and get back up.

Happy Thanksgiving!