Happy Tuesday!

Today we decorated gingerbread houses for the first time! One of the houses collapsed on us before I could take a picture so that was that. Since it was our first time and I didn’t really look into it much we made a ton of newbie mistakes. Here is what I learned about making gingerbread houses with your kids.

  1. Have a nice big meal before exposing your kids to all the candy. Probably the biggest lesson learned!
  2. Make sure to get the pre-assembled Gingerbread houses! These are wayyy easier to work with.
  3. You’re going to need a LOT of royal icing! Make sure you’ve got two piping bags per house to stick all of the candies… just in case.
  4. Take a trip to the candy store: The gingerbread house kit comes with a package of decorative candy but it wasn’t nearly enough to cover it fully. Next time we’ll also be going with a cute color pallet and a roof theme!
  5. Embrace the mess and celebrate their masterpiece. At one point I kept trying to interfere by telling them where different pieces should go. Take away: Let them do their thing. Next year mama is getting her own.

After decorating we made a trip to Ikea. We’ve been needing storage solutions for our apartment so we made an impromptu visit and got two dressers to help us fit all our stuff! I always feel the need to organize and declutter around the Holidays which is when we start accumulating so much stuff!