Dreaming In Satin



Dec 20, 2018 | 0 comments

 Made own custom gift bags and Christmas Cards this year. We had so much fun making these and will be handing them out at our family “secret Santa.” They are so easy to make and truly add a personalized touch to any gift.


To make these you’ll need: 

  1. White watercolor paper (any white paper will do but textured paper like watercolor paper is the perfect look for the beard and hat
  2. Pink or flesh tone paper
  3. A black marker for eyes and mouth. Pink marker for nose
  4. Glue
  5. Greeting cards and brown craft paper bag.
  6. Red Paper 

  1. Cut a wide strip of red paper and paste across the center of your card. Trim at the sides to fit.



2. Cut and glue a wide strip of blush paper above to the top of the card.


3. Tear a thick strip of watercolor paper; do this roughly and don’t worry if it’s irregular. Glue it over where the red and pink paper meet. This will be Santa’s hat. Next, tear a wider piece of the white paper for Santa’s beard. Tip: aim for a shape which curves up slightly in the middle.


4. To finish, take your marker and dot two eyes and sketch a little smile. Get creative with the expressions- every card can be different! Use a pink marker for the nose. Ta-da! You’re done!