Spending our last 3 days before Christmas at the cottage! We are here with our family including my mom and dad as well as my sister, her husband and his family. Its been an incredible time here! I’d love to say we’ve been doing lots but the truth is we’ve been resting and cozing up on the couch, chatting and eating delicious food.

When we first got here there was zero snow on the ground with the exception of the lake right in front of us which was completely frozen. The night we arrived it snowed alll night and we woke up to the preetiest winterwonderland. Today the girls played in the snow and made their first snowman! Will uplod more picturee but for now we just have this one in our matching jammies from this morning.

Off to help out with dinner and make some gingerbread cookies!

Merry Christmas! Hope its every bit magical and wonderful with your family and loved ones.