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3 Activities To Try At Home With Your Kids This March Break

Mar 12, 2019

March break is here and I’m excited to spend time with my oldest cutie at home. My goal was to try to keep her screen time to a minimum so I went where every mama in need of kid-friendly ideas goes: Pinterest. After trying out a few activities together, I compiled a list of our top 3. So excited to share with you these quick, kid-approved activities! They are super easy to set up and will bring hours of entertainment for your kiddos. So without further a due, here are 3 activities to beat your indoor cabin fever and prevent those post- screentime tantrums. Hope you enjoy and happy March break!

1.  Letter Writing in Sprinkle Trays

Who doesn’t love sprinkles? These sensory writing trays are such a great way to make learning letters, shapes and numbers fun! Right now we are practicing sounding out our syllables and blending different sounds. 

Normally we practice on a whiteboard. Other times we use her magnetic chalkboard with the letter magnets. She had the best reaction when I told her we’d be learning our words using sprinkles and got into it without any hesitation. This activity caught my eye because it combines her love for painting, (a task she does confidently) with more challenging reading concepts. And of course, if you add the sprinkles to the mix it’s set to be a hit. 

Final thoughts: I would definitely do this activity again. Although it is ideal for kids 3-5 I only tried it with my 5- year- old who wasn’t as persistent to eat the sprinkles and made cleanup very easy.



Materials Needed For Letter Writing in Sprinkles Tray (Affiliate Links) :

Tray (or any surface that will keep sprinkles in place.)


Paint brush

Learning cards (or index cards with black letter stickers.)


Setting Up:

1. Start by pouring some sprinkles into a tray.

2. Then give the child a paintbrush and ask them to draw the letters or numbers on the card. 



2.  DIY Lazer Maze


I saw this idea on Pinterest and I had to try it! My girls love playing “Lava” so I thought this might be right up their alley. We set it up in a small hallway and called it the “Ninja Game.”

Set up was super easy and fun. I taped the crepe paper while Zaphora took pictures of me and we even took some selfies. It sounds cheesy but these moments together, creating and having fun are truly what these activities are all about. Once it was all set up, she crossed through like a champ and couldn’t wait for her sister to wake up from her nap to be ninjas together. 

Final thoughts: It’s incredible how such a tiny space can turn into a full obstacle course and a ton fun for kids.  I tried going through it and can guarantee a full body workout! Fast, super cheap and easy clean up too. If you go for it try a red or bright coloured crepe paper to make it stand out more. A must try!

Materials Needed For DIY Lazer Maze (Affiliate Links):


– Crepe paper 

Packing tape

Setting Up:

1. Tape according to the level of difficulty. Some high, some low and all ways in between. 

3.  Educational Puzzles

I bought this Preschool Learning Library for Zaphora’s 1st Birthday. I introduced it to her when she was 3  and used it as flashcards to recognize different animals and colours. The matching part was a little tricky back then but with time and practice it has become a game she enjoys and gets excited about completing. 

One of the reasons I love this self-correcting puzzle so much is because there is a reward component every time she makes a match. Every time she makes that “click” between the two pieces and sees her stack get bigger she gets more confident about her problem-solving skills. The key to these kinds of puzzle games is to introduce them with ease and support the child as much as you can with the learning concepts without making them feel pressured. When I sensed Zaphora getting irritable I suggest we take a break and try again later. 

Final thoughts: This is one of those household favourites that I wouldn’t mind packing and taking with me on trips just to keep her mind active and learning. I know that one day she’ll outgrow it and teach her sisters and for that it’s the best money I’ve ever spent.

 The Learning Journey International Learning Library 


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