Dreaming In Satin


Looking Ahead

My New Year Mindset Hope everyone is having a great start to the year!  So far this year has felt like an uphill rollercoaster ride as we wait for baby girl to arrive. I am exactly one week away from my due date and every time I think of how close we...

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As I get ready to leave my 20's I can say that one of the foundations of a well-lived/ balanced life is to practice self love and self acceptance. Just like you'd practice playing the piano or preparing for a marathon, keeping your mind and spirit in the right place...

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One of the perks of being from South America is going back home for the Holidays during the peak of summer. (Insert raising hands emoji!). As much as I love Toronto, there is nothing like soaking up some much needed vitamin D during the winter months. So when Swim...

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Posts You know when Monday comes around and you have no idea what you spend your weekend doing. Thats exactly how I feel. On Saturday I remember feeling like it was Monday and my dates and timings were completely off. I couldn’t understand why all the restaurants...

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Beauty Goals for 2015

With the New Year come new challenges and in the beauty department this is no exception! We all know beauty is a lot more than just makeup and the copious amounts of product we keep under our sink cabinet. Beauty radiates from within, it is an age-less, makeup-less,...

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