If you’re looking for ways to connect with your children and teach them to be more mindful of themselves, their emotions and others (while still remembering to take care of YOU), then you’ve come to the right place!

I’m Dani, girl mama to three little ladies, who are the sunshine of my life. Together with my husband, Zarmand, we raise our girls in the city of Toronto.

One of the things I discovered as a parent is  that there is a certain twenty-four-hour-a-day relentlessness to caring for young children that makes it so hard to think clearly. Even though I thought I would be a natural given my background, I was in for a reality check! Why? because when it comes to handling all those constant needs and emotions day in and day out, there is no such thing as easy or perfect. Sometimes survival mode is a good goal. 

If you’re like me, you face both the joys and the challenges of being a mom. I’m not the perfect parent and I get into plenty of conflict with my girls. But realizing I had the skills to get us out of conflict and into a more peaceful state is what’s inspired me to write this blog. My goal is to share with you the tips and tricks that have helped me and that I use with my girls everyday.

And because Parenting has so much to do with our energy and ability to function and be the there for our kids, the Lifestyle section of this blog has my favourite self-care practices, tips for healthy living,  style inspiration and my take on living creatively. I’m a strong believer that by taking care of ourselves, we have more energy, health and love to give to others. 

Hope you’ll join me in this journey to raise happy kids, and practice self-care so that we may be of service to those we love and care for. 

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